Suggest an idea on how we can converge mobile and internet.

Message to Globe

I am loyal Globe subscriber since GSM was launch in the country. My first mobile was Globe Pre-paid a 32k sim without SIM Menu and my current mobile is Globe GFLEX 800 for almost 4 years. My first mobile broadband internet connection is Globe Prepaid Visibility (now Broadband Tattoo) w/c cost 4500 before.
Since Globe Launch Unlimited Services like their competitors (SMART and SUN) i may suggest that Globe will have a prefix number for unlimited calls like Super Unli 238. Because its really hard to make a call even your not subscribe in Unlimited Call Service (Super Duo). When i make a call the line keep on saying that "Network Busy" i need to dial several times to be able to make a call. So it will be fair if Globe Super Duo must have a PREFIX number "238" for unlimited calls to prevent Bugs and Network traffic.
and for a BETTER GLOBE in the Future i will suggest The Following Service.

1. Affordable Unlimited Rates and Regular Rates
php 6.00/Min Globe to Globe networks(Globe,TM,Tattoo)
php 6.50/Min Globe to other networks
Per Second calls
P.08/sec Globe Networks
P.10/sec Other Networks
P15/day P200/30days UNLITXT
P20/day P300/30days DUO
P30/day P400/30days SUPER Unli
P35/day P500/30 days Super Duo

2. Unlimited Broadband Tattoo internet for prepaid and postpaid
P50/day P995/ 30days Unlinet(Unlimited Internet)
Broadband Tattoo Postpaid Packages
PLAN 499 Free 100 hours
PLAN 899 Unlimited
PLAN 999 Unlimited tattoo internet via WIFI ROUTER (similarly to smart share it or sun wifi) Globe must called it Tattoo YOU

3. Affordable IDD Rates
P.20/sec P25/Min

4. Affordable Mobile Surfing for postpaid and prepaid packages registration via text(postpaid) or reloading card(prepaid)
P50/ 5 hours good for 2 days
P100/12 hours good for 5 days
P300/40 hours good for 15 days
P500/ 100 hours good for 30 days

Regular TIME BASE P7.50/30 mins KB P.005/KB

5. Loyalty Program for both postpaid and prepaid subscriber (similarly to SMART REWARDS) Globe must called it KaGlobe
Just like the former globe services GENTXT. subscribers are entitled for one time registration via text. once registered each subscriber should earn KaGlobe points for every succesful registration to unlimited services,downloads and succesfull transactions such as local text,calls (not subscribe to unlimited offers) international calls and texts, Regular Internet Browsing, Reloading. POINTS WILL use for FREE LOAD, TEXTS, CALLS or Internet Hours(Prepaid) Bill Rebates, FREE Calls, Texts, Internet hours.

This will be the BETTER GLOBE if you guys work about it.

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