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Globe Telecom Please Pay Attention to your postpaid subscribers.

Globe Telecom Pay attention!

Give some CONSIDERATION naman sa mga postpaid subscribers.

1.) Sa pagkakaalam ko postpaid subscribers ka, mostly lock-up ka with 24 months. Meaning to say, 24 months nagbabayad ang subscriber at sure na may kita ang globe every month.

While ang prepaid naman, kung kelan lang gusto mag load ng subscriber doon lang kikita ang globe.

2.) Bakit laging may advantage ang mga prepaid subscriber pagdating sa mga promos.
Example: IMMOTALTXT (prepaid only)

Kung meron mang promo for postpaids, most of it eh, top the bill pa. SANA man lang it is a part on consumable plan (G-FLEX Plan). Just like Sun Cellular, part ng consumable nila ang 24/7 CTU. Sana ganun din ang globe.
Example: SuperSurf, UnliTxt, SuperUnli, SuperDUO, Sulitext, etc.

3.) Kapag postpaid ka, every month you always pay the plan.
Example: Plan 800 you pay 800 pesos.
Sana man lang, ma-carry over ang un-used call, text, internet to the next month.

Example: G-MIX Plan800
Free call: 100 mins
Free text: 350 SMS

1st month consumed:
80 mins and 200 SMS

2nd month will become:
120 mins
(2nd month's 100 mins call allocation + 20 mins from the 1st month call allocation)
and 500 SMS
(2nd month's 350 SMS aloocation + 150 SMS from the 1st month sms aloocation).

Kung sa prepaid nga diba nag-e-extend ang validity ng load. Sana lang talaga do it also sa postapid.

3.) Balance inquiry always delay. kindly up to date at least every hour para naman accurate ang pag-balance inquiry. Sana rin ibahin ang format ng balance inquiry (postpaid).
Unbilled as of 24/02/2009 14:20:18
Calls:98mins; SMS:130; MMS(Pic):4; MMS(Vid):3; Inetrnet:50mins; Unlitxt expiry:27/02/2009 14:50:18

Globe-to-Other Network
Calls:8mins; SMS:20; MMS(Pic):2; MMS(Vid):1; NDD:12mins; IDD:3mins.

Total unbilled balance: Php2000.00
in this format mas madali intindihin ang pag-balance inqury.

4.) Palitan nyo na din ang iphone plan. why iphone plan 2000 for G-FLEX Plan 800 and SuperSurf.
iphone plan 1600 for G-FLEX Plan 800 and 100 hours internet (kasi po nag-baba na ang rates ng internet).
In this iphone plan for sure madami ang mag subscribe.

5.) What is the difference if TM to Globe? Bakit laging mas mura ang promo offer ng TM? Kung kaya pala nila itong gawin sa TM, meaning kaya din nila gawin sa Globe. Sana man lang pareho lang ang mga promo offer.

That's all for now.
Thank you.

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    DaveDee shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • sml commented  · 

        Yes totally agree on this. Yong bill nila delayed minsan di pa dumarating magulat kanalang puputulan ka nila. Mahina ang serbisyo pero sa singilan segurista.

      • camz commented  · 

        I totally agree!!

      • DaveDee commented  · 

        Sa mga postpaid subscriber dyan, support or vote this concern. Para naman magising ang Globe satin. Kasi maling mali ang systema ng globe. Dapat nga mas may advantage ang mga postpaid kompara sa mga prepaid.

      • Sherwin Ong commented  · 

        Hope you guys at Glob Telecom re listening to us, subscribers especially for Postpaid because I am one of them and DaveDee has a very good point here.

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